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Tech Tips

Use this comprehensive information library whenever you need helpful hints from car repair professionals. Whether you are a professional or a DIY mechanic, you’re sure to find the tips you need to insure a job well done. Click here to go back to the previous page any time during your search.


Electrical System

  1. Battery Testing & Charging
  2. General Charging System Basics
  3. Avoid Voltage Spikes-Don't Disconnect Battery
  4. Checking Out Diode Trios
  5. Early VW,Porsche,Saab-No Start
  6. Electrical System Glossary
  7. Troubleshooting Vehicle Charging System
  8. Troubleshooting Vehicle Starting Circuit
  9. Spark Plug History
  10. What Does a Spark Plug Do?
  11. Spark Plug Components
  12. Spark Plug Development and Testing
  13. Spark Plug Heat Range
  14. Spark Plug Temperatures/Performance
  15. Types of Abnormal Spark Plug Combustion
  16. Spark Plugs Show Engine Problems
  17. Diesel Glow Plugs
  18. High-Output Alternators for Extreme Audio
  19. Bosch High-Output Alternator List
  20. Features and Benefits of High-Output Alternators
  21. High-Ouput Alternators, sparkplugs, wiresets
  22. Overrunning Clutch Pulley for Alternator
  23. MiniVan Melt Down
  24. Alternators - Import Electrical System**
  25. Solving Intermittent Electrical Problems**
  26. Starter Trouble: Diagnosing Problems**
  27. High-Output Alternators Pump up Juice**
  28. Understanding Ignition Coils*