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May 2010 Blog Posts


5/28/2010:  Thinking about Brakes

5/27/2010: An air filter is simple, right?

5/26/2010: Olympus mailing from November 2009

5/26/2010: Mann Filter Car of the Month

The Mann Filter Car of the Month for June is the  2010 Jetta 2.5L Engine

We have the filters in stock – click on the hyperlink to verify price/availability

Oil Filter                                   Air Filter                                   Fuel Filter                                Cabin Air Filter

HU719/6X                                C43102                                        WK69/2                                    CUK2939*

06D 115 562                            07K 129 620                             6Q0 201 051C                         1K1 819 653B

* Activated Charcoal Filter

5/25/2010:  How to use the descriptive search feature in our catalog